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2020 METU Thesis Awards and Course Performance Awards
Eray Üstün, Acoustic Source Localization Using Quaternion Fourier Transforms with Dırect-Path Dominance Test
Ege Erdem, 3D Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction via Sound Field Extrapolation
Gökçe Komaç, Measuring the Effectiveness of a Persuasive Game About Online Trolling in the Context of Gaming: A Case Study
Müge Değirmenci Camcı, Synthesis of Realistic 3D Artifacts Using Flow Fields
Ümit Eronat , Synthesis of Soundscapes Based on an Automatic Analysis of Auditory Imagery in Literary Texts
Bekir Öztürk, Semi Dynamic Light Maps
Bilgin Aksoy, Perceptual Quality Preserving Adversarial Attacks
Atıl İlerialkan, Speaker and Posture Classification Using Instantaneous Acoustic Features of Breath Signals
Oğuzcan Ergün, Developing Building Information Modelling Based Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments for Architectural Design and Improving User Interactions with Serious Games
Timuçin Berk Atalay, "Scattering Delay Networks with Aperture Size Control for Simulating Coupled Volume Acoustics"
Orhun Olgun, "Entropy-based Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Methods for Rigid Spherical Microphone Arrays"
METU II Open Research Day Awards - 22.05.2019
METU SPARG ICAASP19 Presentation - 16.05.2019
Open Research Day Reminder - 16.05.2019
"Serious Gaming in CBRNe Domain" is accepted - 11.03.2019
Acceptance from ICA2019 - 03.03.2019
Acceptance from ICASSP 2019 - 01.02.2019
Honorable Mention Award on the category of Labor at Data for Refugees (D4R) - 20.01.2019
GATEWay'19 - 08.01.2019