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"Virtual human motion generation with machine learning" seminar for MMI 590 Graduate Seminar Course - 15.03.2021
Multimedia Informatics Program’s Interview Results - 16.02.2021
Multimedia Informatics Department MS.c and Ph.D. Program Interview Date and Candidate List- 13.02.2021
Enformatik Enstitüsü Tanıtımı Yayını- ODTÜ KPM Online
Multimedia Informatics Department Assistant Professor Position Opening
Çoklu Ortam Bilişimi Doktora ve Yüksek Lisans Programları Mülakat Duyurusu
Prof. Alptekin Temizel organized "Deep Learning in Computer Vision Workshop" at METU NCC - 21.11.2019
Our graduate Bilgin Aksoy translated the book "Deep Learning with Python" by François Chollet - 08.11.2019
Asst. Prof. Elif Sürer participated to European Network Of CBRN Training Centers' joint activity with Dortmund Fire Department - 24.09.2019
Prof. Alptekin Temizel, Deep Learning Fundamentals workshop at National Taiwan University - 17.09.2019
Orientation Meeting
Multimedia Informatics 2nd Group PhD and MS Programs Interview Results - 12.09.2019
Hilmi Kumdakçı, Course Performance Awards - 11.09.2019
Assoc. Prof. Hüseyin Hacıhabiboğlu, TÜBİTAK 1001 grant - 30.08.2019
Multimedia Informatics 2nd Group PhD and MS Programs Interview Announcement - 28.08.2019
Çoklu Ortam Bilişimi 2.Grup Doktora ve Yüksek Lisans Programları Mülakatları - 28.08.2019
Multimedia Informatics Ph.D. and M.S. 1.Group Interview Results - 01.07.2019
Multimedia Informatics Interview Announcement - 26.06.2019
Important Notice on Graduate Applications - 25.06.2019
"Quantum Computers" seminar by Prof. Sadi Turgut (METU Physics) - 07.06.2018
"Automated Analysis and Synthesis of Facial Actions" seminar by Dr. Itır Önal Ertuğrul (Carnegie Mellon University) - 18.06.2018
"Immersive and Responsive Environments" a joint workshop with METU Department of Architecture - 31.10.2019
"Introduction to General Purpose Programming on GPU" workshop - 16.11.2018
Prof. Alptekin Temizel organized a Deep Learning Fundamentals workshop - 17.02.2019
eNTERFACE'19 : Call for Participation - 07.03.2019
HoloArch Project on National TV - 16.04.2019
Open Research Day Participation with 13 Posters - 17.05.2019
METU SPARG ICAASP19 Presentation - 16.05.2019
Industrial Design in Peak: How Do We Make Games? - 14.05.2019
Music Within Project - 14.05.2019
NVIDIA Deep Learning Workshop - 03.05.2019
Multimedia Informatics PhD Program Official Approval - 30.04.2019
Testing HoloArch With Games - 26.04.2019
USMOS 2019 Call for Papers - 19.03.2019
"Serious Game Research: Applications, Opportunities and Challenges", seminar by Asst. Prof. Dr. Elif Sürer - 11.02.2019
GATEWay'19 is over - 18.01.2019
KristalPiksel Awards at ATOMinGames - 15.12.2018
Multimedia Informatics PhD program is approved in university senate - 11.12.2018
"Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision - Hands-on Workshop" on 22 September - 12.09.2018
“Immersive and Responsive Performative Architectural Design in Mixed Reality” workshop @Design Computing Summer School 2018, Lisbon, Portugal - 17.07.2018
NETLAB Media interview "Digital Games and Rehabilitation" with Elif Surer - 27.06.2018